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You are (not) a guest,  You are the good cast.




Murasakian is located at the north of Kyoto.From Kyoto station, you ride on subway and bus.It will take about 30 minutes.


1st step
2nd step
3nd step

1紫野泉堂町の交差点を東へ 、From bus stop,go for east

2右手側に『生鮮館なかむら』を通り過ぎて、pass by Supermarket

3『藤田整形外科』を右に曲がり、turn right at Fujita clinic

4一筋目を右に曲がったところです。and turn right.





Murasakian is located safety local district.So please speak voice lower in the midnight and early morning.And this house is constracted of woods.Voices are not completely shut down. 


・喫煙所はお庭になります。Smoking area is in the garden.


・チェックイン後は門限自由です。After check in, you can go and come back freely.


​・ご質問等あればお気軽にお問合せください。If you have some question, please contact me anytime.


Reservation   please give me Tel or E-mail.

Tel        +81- 090-9219-2520(9時~20時 English,中文 ok)

​E-mail   t.hamada@aiueoideyasu.com


Adress 〒603-8241 京都市北区紫野東泉堂町10
              10 Higashi Sendouchyo Murasakino Kita-ku Kyoto-shi


E-mail   t.hamada@aiueoideyasu.com

Tel        takuya +81-090-9219-2520 (9時~20時 English,中文 ok)

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