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You are (not) a guest,  You are the good cast.

Kyoto classical house -Murasakian -

This 75years old Kyoto house is renovated by
past and now, honest and joke, majestic

and thoughtless and so on.
It is like a very complicated fantasy stage.

After you step in here,
you are not a guest.
You have already become a good actor or actress.

​STORY01           『Quietness

ROOM02 「堕落」

​STORY02            『堕落-daraku-

​STORY02            『堕落-daraku-

​STORY03            『Dream

​STORY02         『Corruption』

Adress 〒603-8241 京都市北区紫野東泉堂町10
              10 Higashi Sendouchyo Murasakino Kita-ku Kyoto-shi


E-mail   t.hamada@aiueoideyasu.com

Tel        takuya +81-090-9219-2520 (9時~20時 English,中文 ok)

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