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There are only 3 room. Every room has every story.So I hope you can find your best story which is suitable for you.



​ROOM 01 


  Cats are jumping off  from Kiyomizu temple


There is famous Japanese phrase ; jumping off from Kiyomizu temple.It means deciding something finally. Now wild cats with wingsuits is jumping off....


​ROOM 02 


  Raccoon dog couple at Golden temple

and after that


You can see happy Raccoon couple in front of Golden temple.But the pond reflects their 10yeras after future,,,


​ROOM 03 


Fox marriage Runaway


It is Fushiinai Foxes marriage. Oh, you know there are some famous fashion style,,,


​共有施設 shared facility

お風呂とトイレBath room and Toilet


two toilets and one bath room.Towel,Shampoo,Body soap, conditioner,tooth brash are ready.


​お宿代 room fee

​各部屋ともに同じ every room is the same.

Check in 16:30  / out 10:30

料金 7,000円 yen/one room per day ~(税別)


It depends on seasons. Please call me or e-mail. t.hamada@aiueoideyasu.com

​看季节。请給我邮件或者微信。 ID; penguingz0427

定員 2 名 person/room

◆アメニティ、タオルは無料  amenity,towel,washing machine for free

◆トイレ、シャワー、キッチン等設備は共用 toilets,sower room,kitchen are shared

Adress 〒603-8241 京都市北区紫野東泉堂町10
              10 Higashi Sendouchyo Murasakino Kita-ku Kyoto-shi


E-mail   t.hamada@aiueoideyasu.com

Tel        takuya +81-090-9219-2520 (9時~20時 English,中文 ok)

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